Hi, I’m Leo

My name is Leo Kaske, I am the founder of Always Painting. I was born and raised in southeast Michigan. I’ve been painting since I got out of the Army in 1996. I initially apprenticed under professionals that I consider to be the best in the trades. Following my apprenticeship, I began working side by side with these same professionals. I’ve worked in several sectors including insurance restoration, commercial painting, and residential re-paints. I’ve taken the best qualities of each company I’ve worked for and applied the sum of that experience into Always Painting.

Always Painting is much more than a painting company. We offer all phases of home remodel and improvement. Through the years, I’ve amassed a team of truly professional subcontractors. Contractors who consistently meet my quality standards. Because of my attention to detail and my intimate involvement in overseeing each project, a big project for me still means one-stop shopping for you. -Leo Kaske